Thursday, February 21, 2013

12wbt update: W2D4

Food: Overate again. *sigh* Nobody put a gun to my head but I ate heaps of M&Ms at the movies, chose honey soy chicken instead of a healthier stirfry option for lunch, a small piece of dark chocolate (about 100 calories) during the late afternoon slump, and had low cal beer and wine with my very healthy dinner that D cooked on the bbq for me.

...Actually, it's not as bad as it could have been, is it? Next time I go to the movies with Zane I will just take some decent snack food with me to stave off the desire to 'treat myself' with a sugar and calorie overdose.

Exercise: non existent. Just plain ran out of time this afternoon, had more things to do with the kids than time to do it in. My planned 500 calorie burn has gone begging, and I didn't even walk Autumn to or from school! Planning to do a boxing class in the morning though. Will have to really bust my ass to make up for today.

Feeling flat and tired despite a really enjoyable trip to the movies followed by lunch with a good friend and her beautiful new baby son. Being awake far more than asleep between midnight and 6 am last night would be the culprit for today's mood. And now I'm up late again because my 'tired enough for bed' window opened and shut before either kid was unconscious. Time to go lie down anyway and put a little energy in the bank for tomorrow.

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