Wednesday, February 13, 2013

12wbt update w1d3

Weigh-in day. Wasn't sure what to expect and was pleased with a further 500g reduction this week. Only just over 4 kg from goal weight now.

Eating: off-plan. Not too crazy, but probably 20% over target. Time to start reining in the extra eating again.

Exercise: completed 10K-training run plan for the day which only totalled about 4-5 kms, some in slow and steady jogging, some in slow sprints, and some in run-your-guts-out sprints. I can feel my body getting faster and more powerful in the sprints as I do them each week. What killed me a month ago I now float through. Nice. Burnt only 268 calories in the half-hour but put in a good solid effort on the sprints so got my endorphin hit for the day.

A busy day with gym, visiting, being visited, and going to Autumn's start-of-school-year bbq and fair. Great fun! And check out Autumn's fabulous face painting by Deborah Lane!

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