Saturday, November 20, 2010

The times they pass

It has been such a long time since I started this blog, and once life started getting really hectic with Autumn, that was kind of the end of any extended periods of spare time!

I go on Facebook in little flurries, then don't have time to go back for days or weeks again. I keep in sporadic touch with people via email, but like so many others write as often, or to as many of my friends and family as I'd like to.

Autumn went through a period of growing super slowly during her first year but never stopped being a healthy little girl.

She is now a pocket rocket who loves to talk, sing, hum, colour in, draw, chase and cuddle our cats, dance, jump around on slippery dips (argh!), "read" books, play pretend games with her toys, and hide things in boxes, bags and drawers.

When we go visiting or have people over, Autumn is usually very quiet for a while and sometimes doesn't talk at all for the whole visit. Then we are bombarded with chatter - much of it gibberish, but increasingly intelligible - until she feels caught up on her talking.

I haven't done much craftwork in the past year and a half (wonder why?!) but have been chipping away at an over-one version of an already-small Mirabilia pattern: It's almost done but I think I won't get to finish it this year.

That's it for now. :-)