Tuesday, February 19, 2013

12wbt update W2 D2

Food: out of control. Small block of dark chocolate for dinner. And a meat pie for supper. A long day of childcare and over tired. Bad form...
Exercise: nonexistent today, spent the whole day and most of the evening caring for the kids, but burnt off over 500 calories yesterday running slowly. No exercise over the weekend, was just completely exhausted. Generally a bit physically out of sorts.

Wow, I've really had a tough week as far as 12wbt is concerned. I just haven't seemed to get into the groove of calorie counting and have missed 2 scheduled exercise sessions, 1 last week and 1 this week. And I've been missing making daily quick blog posts too.

Lately I have worked out so much and still had more 'tough' days than I feel the environment really deserves. The lack of continuous sleep is really breaking me down, though. More than 3 hours in a row would be really, really great. The fact that the exercise is not keeping me on the sunny side of the street consistently sometimes makes me feel like going "Oh, screw it! It's just not working. Why bother.". Which is silly as I *know* it is keeping me at a much better level of sanity than I'd otherwise be at, and it's also been having a great effect on my overall fitness and my figure.

Doing the daily status updates last round did help keep me on track and thinking about how things were going. I need to keep doing it regularly this round, too.

Time to get back into the game and JFDI (that's Just Freakin' Do It!, a Michelle Bridges catch-cry).

Tomorrow I will get a workout in and aim for 500+ calories again. I am committed to burning 3000 calories for the week so need to get a wriggle on...

In other news, my little boy turned 5 months old yesterday and is now eating baby rice cereal and avocado happily. He has also discovered a love of the Jolly Jumper. His sister has discovered a love of treating him like a bouncy puppet in the Jolly Jumper. :-)

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