Saturday, February 16, 2013

12wbt update w1d5

Food: gone crazy on the desserts this week. Off-plan eating most of the week too but falling back on old faithful recipes from last 12wbt round for most breakfasts and some lunches. Must resume calorie counting but not planning to before Sunday, at least.
Exercise: walking Autumn to school both days, daily sessions at the gym. Thursday, Pump class for strength training. Worked damn hard. Friday, boxing class. Really worked damn hard. Low calorie burns for both classes. Strength training, you expect that. Boxing, I expect a high calorie burn, at least 400-450. Not sure if it is a result of my fitness taking a noticeable jump in the past fortnight, or the last of the gastro bug in my system screwing up my perception of how hard I'm working. After 3 weeks of moderate gastro, I don't know whether I'm just overheating way too easily.

My persistent crankiness and sporadic but increasing impulsive/compulsive behavior lead me to think even this much exercise is not fixing my head, but is almost managing to keep me close to an even keel. That's not enough of a result for me right now. Doing some mood, sleep and activity tracking for a few weeks and then reconsidering whether it is time to medicate until I can have more sleep and hopefully get better. It is pretty frustrating to see such improvements in my mental health as a result of exercise but still not attain a good enough headspace to live with.

At least, with doing usually about 8-10 hours a week of exercise, I am getting really fit. That feels good.

Points to work on over the coming week:
* reduce reliance on sugar and caffeine, particularly when overtired
* eat within calorie allowance at least 4/7 days. Although I am not wild to lose weight at this point, I need to keep a handle on appropriate portion sizes or risk yoyoing because I want to eat like s teenage boy. Also, I feel better physically and mentally when I eat mostly clean.
* find opportunities for incidental and light, moderate exercise. Be prepared to rest my body from hard exercise more often before it burns out on me. Make a physio appointment about core, knees and plantar fascia (Abs, knees and feet, this is for you guys.)
* track this moods and environmental factors. A bit of a scientific approach to spotting triggeres, responses and other patterns can't hurt anything at this juncture.

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