Tuesday, February 12, 2013

12wbt update w1d2

Eating: A very off-plan day. More sugary food than usual and a big dinner with a low calorie beer. Skipped breakfast, which usually leads to trouble. Made individual chocolate puddings for dessert, tried making mine a bit lower-calorie by using Splenda instead of regular sugar. It made my pudding a bit rubbery compared to D's appetisingly fluffy one. Served with lite icecream which actually seemed the same as the full fat one.
Exercise: 273 calories, a high energy strength workout. I went up to the Advanced Lean and Fit programme this round, last time I did intermediate. This is going to really boost my muscle power! I intend to make the cardio follow the 10 km run training plan where I can.

Today I kept very busy out of the house. Procrastinating a bit, really, about working on defining my goals for this 12wbt round. There are several already set from my 6-month outlook for last round:

3-month goals
  • Run a sub-60 minute 10 km (this seemed very pie-in-the-sky 12 weeks ago, but my 1km speed trial has dropped from about 6.45 to 5.15 over 12 weeks, so maybe it really is achievable to do this in 12 weeks' time at the Mother's Day Classic!)
  • Run 14 km in under 1 hr 45 (in readiness for the 2013 Sydney City to Surf on 11 August)
  • Be successfully training for my first half marathon (22 September)
  • Reach my goal weight of 65 kg
  • Become comfortable with keeping my weight within 2 kilos of my goal weight (this is a life skill: my intention is to keep my body as fit and healthy as possible for the next 40 years or so, and keeping my weight within the healthy range is a key element of this)
  • Be ready to celebrate my 40th birthday this July in the best physical condition I've ever been in!
  • Inspire and help others to work toward their own health and fitness goals
  • Attain a good, stable and positive mental state
1-month goals
  • Improve my mental health to the extent that there are no longer strong swings or low periods lasting more than 1-2 days
  • Complete a slow and steady 10 km run
  • Be able to wear most size 12 clothes very comfortably
  • Reduce my weight by a further 2+ kg
  • Wear my sleeveless knit bridesmaid dress in mid March with pride, sporting strong, toned shoulders, arms and bum
  • MINI MILESTONE: Complete a 5 km run with both kids in under 42 minutes
I'll have to do a bit more thinking yet about new 6 and 12 month goals and the steps I need to take to reach these goals, but I'm confident that the experience I've gained in the past 12 weeks will stand me in good stead.

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