Wednesday, February 20, 2013

12wbt update: W2 D3

Weigh-in day - up 100g which is pretty encouraging for the future. If I can be a little cavalier about my eating habits and stay pretty much the same weight through exercising, that is a Good Thing. :)

Eating: Off plan. Made the effort to have a 12wbt breakfast, then undid that with a mini pizza lunch (yum, with Brie!), then made Sang Choy Bow with pork mince which would have been a bit over on the 300-ish calorie allowance for a dinner, but it was good and reasonably healthy. Apart from slicing into my finger while cutting up the onion. Man, I hate cooking.

Exercise: BLISTERING cardio today - after the fairly sedate rowing, jogging, and cross trainering, I did 12 minutes of 30 sec on/off sprints. Starting at 9kph and getting up to 14.5kph - a personal best by 1kph! Peaked early as I thought I was doing it for 8 mins then realised there were still 5 rounds to go at 7 mins in. But it felt really good to get that fast, even if just for a little while. At Christmas, 12kph was super fast for me. :) Burnt about 700 calories exercising today in total, including babywearing walks to and from Autumn's school.

Feeling very snacky. Want chocolate constantly. Probably hormonal and also a bit of a comfort eating thing. Duncan got desexed today so we definitely won't be having any more babies in this family. Although my body is not great at pregnancy or early motherhood, and I am (let's face it) often a cranky bee-yatch of a mum, I was really feeling ambivalent about not having any more babies. I love my kids so dearly, and damn, those little babies are just so gorgeous.

I just have to keep soaking up as much joy as I can out of these early months with Zane, and these early years with Autumn. And kissing Zane's baby-toes at every opportunity, before he starts getting his feet really dirty...

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